by Gold Finch

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released December 2, 2016

Produced, mixed and mastered by Sam Guaiana at Room 21 Sound.
Written by Gold Finch.
Art by Jana Beaton and Spencer Thompson
Drum tech by Jordan Gauthier of YC Drum Company.
Additional vocals by Drew Longrigg on "Sepulchre."



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Gold Finch Waterloo, Ontario

Alternative band from Waterloo, Ontario.

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Track Name: Everything
I'm falling,
I tripped on the rope they tried to save me with.

The sky tonight, the stars,
I count everyone for something that I miss.

Everything is wearing thin,
Everything has lost it's touch.
I've found some peace in this
But everything has lost it's touch.
Track Name: How I've Been
I thought there was a chance for this man in summer clothes
Waiting for the weather to get brittle and cold.
Embraced the sun, but still stuck to my bed.
So pacify the loneliness that's trapped inside my head.

And you know just how I've been,
Waiting for all the autumn leaves,
With a forlorn sense of ease,
A crossroad built inside of me.

Fell down the frozen sidewalk, a frigid roll down King.
Death Valley's Little Brother, the only place for me.
A healthy life, impossible to me.
As the coffee and the burnt ash are running through my veins.

You know how I've been,
and I'm not okay.
This room is my detriment.
Track Name: Winter Sun
Lately my dear, I've been wallowing in pity and self despair.
Do I bore you?
Am I just another bump in the road getting run over?

I killed myself in front of you.
I didn't know I could watch myself die.

I told you I was lost,
I told you I was feeling the season's touch.
I told you I was numb.
I told you I was feeling the winter sun.

Convinced that nothing will change,
It all stays the same, so I hide away.
No matter what page I turn, I'm forever dazed.
Track Name: Sepulchre
I fell into a pit of self-loathing, I began to drown in my own pity.
You made we wander in search of something like amenity.
Drained dry in trying my very hardest, I was pushed 'til I was weak.
Just know that I won't fall, you never were my peak.

As I lay down on my broken back wasting, laying, decaying away,
I ache my black, bleeding heart with dreams of better days.
And this body of mine can't wait for a single minute to pass.
My clock is breaking ever-slowly, and shattered is my glass.

This noose gets tighter & tighter & all you left me was a fraying rope.
A totem of love quickly faded, I used the thought my death to cope.
So lay me to fade in a sepulchre as I wait for my bell to ring.
I think I've felt deaths victory, I think I've felt deaths sting.
Track Name: Rusted Gold
You said you'd be mine forever.
You said you were mine to hold.
What you told me made me regret it.
The optimistic damn lies you told.

No love,

Beguiling love took a toll on me,
It was a waste of precious time.
Made me regret every decision I made,
And even then I knew I wasn't fine.
You became like rusted gold to me,
Made me forget what I was made of.
I was ostentatious of my youthfulness,
I was exhausted on a lie of love.

I've had this whole thing wrong
Always knew I shouldn't have gone

I'll move on and find my purpose,
I'll forget the things you tried to pull.
I'll become all that I'm meant to be,
I'll make the best and live life rich and full.